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BSNL Fiber Broadband Connection Setup, Price & Available Cities in India

Today we will know about BSNL fiber broadband such as its pricing, plan, internet speed and setup charge. BSNL fiber broadband plans will be perfect for you if you want to have broadband at home or in the office.

BSNL broadband is also known as Bharat Broadband, so if I use the word Bharat instead of BSNL, then you have to understand that you are talking about BSNL broadband setup charge and plan.

BSNL Fiber Broadband Connection in India 2021

You all know that fiber broadband internet is a high speed internet service through which fast downloading, uploading and browsing can be done. So you can’t compare it to normal internet and there is a lot of difference between its speed and normal internet speed and BSNL fiber is one of these which is providing its services in almost all the big cities of India.

BSNL fiber broadband is a high speed internet connection and can only be accessed through fiber cable to all people, so the first thing you have to do is check if it is available in your city or not.

BSNL Bharat Fiber Cities in India

There are more than 160 cities all over the country where BSNL Bharat fiber broadband connect is available today and if you are from one of these cities then you can apply for connection. If you want to check list, click here

This service is available only on any city in this list, in such a case, if not the name of your city then now you are not applicable for Bharat fiber broadband and you have to wait a bit or you can try for Jio fiber connection.

BSNL Bharat Fiber Broadband Plans

India Fiber Broadband Combo Tariffs plan is also different from different states and you can check it yourself by visiting its official website. If you want to get its connection, you need to know about its plans and internet speed and we look at its plan here in UP west.

At UP west you get a separate BSNL Bharat fiber plans from Rs 499 to Rs 16999 and you will get data and internet speed as per the price.

All plans from Basic to business are available in 1 month, 6 month, 12 month and 24 month slot and if it comes to its most basic plan, it can be priced at Rs. Comes in 499 / month and includes,

  • Internet speed-30Mbps gets 3300 GB and with this internet speed will decrease to 2Mbps.
  • Get Unlimited data download.
  • Local and STD call will get unlimited and if you do ISD you will have to pay 1.2 per unit charge.
  • The availability of internet and calls will be 24 hours means you can use it anytime during the day.

How to Apply for BSNL Fiber Connection in 2021?

If you find Bharat fiber plans right and it is available in your city then you can fill in the online application form for connection and submit it. You can also fill the form offline for this you have to go to the nearest BSNL office and get the form there. But here we know how to apply online.

  1. Open the new connection portal.
  2. Fill in the information asked in the form properly.
  3. Submit the form by clicking the Submit button.

Now your request will be submitted and you will get a reference number and quickly you will contact online or offline BSNL executive and you will have to submit through Installation charge + advance offline or online. It takes 7 days to 15 days to complete the process then your internet will be turned on and you can recharge on your package sitting at home online.

BSNL Fiber Installation Charge, Security & Pricing

You don’t have to pay any security deposit to get the connection, but there are some small charges that you have to pay whenever you get the connection. You will have to pay Rs 500 fee for Bharat fiber installation and pay advance amount for any plan you buy with it.

One important thing and you will not get any Router with this connection, it just gets a power backup and ONT device and you will have to pay Rs 80-90 for that too.

ONT-there is a digital network terminal where the fiber cable is connected then we connect the wifi router to it. You can’t run Wifi from Ont, just connect the device with the help of Ethernet cable.

Understand that you will have to pay money for high speed internet support router after paying for Plans and installation charge, which in the market you will get between Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 and that is your expense if you take fiber connection from BSNL.

Friends, hopefully you have got all the necessary information about BSNL Bharat fiber broadband plans, connection and setup charges from here if you take this connection then can apply directly online and if you have connection please share your experience in comment.



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