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How Much YouTube Pay for 1000 views in India in Rupees 2021?

Hello friends ! Welcome once again to our blog, as you may have read the title of the post that how much youtube pay for 1000 views in india in rupees 2021 Or you’ve searched in Google, so you’ve come to the right place. A lot of new YouTubers have this question again and again or those who don’t have a Channel on Youtube think about how much money for 1000 Views ?

You may have also watched a lot of YouTube Videos in which different YouTubers have told you how much money they get for 1000 Views from YouTube. And if you have noticed, everyone gets paid at different rates. So you have to be confused how much money does YouTube pay in the end ?

The first thing we need to know is to understand what YouTubers get money from YouTube for.

How do YouTube Get Paid ?

Whenever a creator creates original content on YouTube , YouTube plays Ad on that content via Google Adsense. So the ad that the Viewer watches or clicks for at least 30 seconds, the Creator gets some money from that Ad and YouTube itself.

Does this because YouTube provides a space to the creators. And he charges around 45% of the same Ad. So in this way, 55% of the ad revenue that comes to your video comes to your account and 45% goes to YouTube.

How much ad play does Video have on 1000 Views ?
Now you must have come to mind the question of how much Ad is played in 1000 views. Now, first of all, it depends on the Genre of your Content. So it shows Ad in 1000 Views from 10% to 100%. Now the ad is played so how many times does the Viewer click or watch that Ad. That’s when YouTube gives you money.

  • Your Estimated Revenue
  • Estimated Monetized Playbacks
  • Playback-Based CPM

So the second Term you’re watching in ” Estimated Monetized Playbacks ” means that ad play has occurred on the Video so many times. And let me tell you the total views of this video , that’s a little over 7 lakhs. Now you can guess how much ad will come on how many views.

How Much YouTube Pay for 1000 views in India in Rupees 2021?

Now let’s not go around talking about how much money Youtube pays for 1000 views.

As you may have seen in the screenshot above, in the first Case I got $7+ of 1200 million views. I.e. 1000 Views of $1.7 and at the same time you saw 80 thousand Views of $49 in the second Case, i.e. 1000 views of $0 .6

This is what I showed the first channel. Now I’ll show you how much you get on my comedy channel “Satish Kushwaha” over 1000 Views.

Now looking at this screenshot, you might think that man is getting very little in it. So let me tell you that almost all comedy channels get the same rate.

You can see 1 million 37 thousand Views just $7 .43 are made. So that’s 1000 views at $0.054, which is very low. And I haven’t done anything special on this channel for 6 months because of this, the data is impaired.

By the time you read the post, you’ve got some Idea of How Much Money YouTube pays for 1000 Views. Let me tell you that Youtube offers 100k views on almost all topics, ranging from $1 for 5 million views, to $300 -$400. And this Variation depends on the content category of each YouTuber.

  • Get the lowest amount of money on Adult content, even if you meet, there is no equal or no.
  • Next comes the number of Entertainment categories like Prank , Comedy Sketches, Reaction Videos , Spoof
  • Then comes the number of Document Vlogs who do Travel Vlog , Lifestyle Vlog.
  • Next come the technology ones.
  • So the order you are watching, in some way, Youtube earnings are even higher.

So guys ! I hope you’ve got an idea of how much money you can make from Youtube for 1000 Views. So if you come to YouTube thinking This is very rare, let me tell you first. But after a while, when your channel becomes a Brand, you can collect the desired amount from different brands.

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