How to Add Social Media Share Buttons on WordPress?

Do you also want to install share button in your WordPress blog then today you will learn in this article How to Add Social Media Share Buttons on WordPress.

There are many benefits of installing a share button in a blog. When a reader reads your blog post and if you like your content, they can share your blog post with their friends on social platforms through the share button. This allows your blog to reach a lot of rich logos, which also gives more views.

Adding Social share buttons to WordPress blogs is very easy. You will find many free plugins in WordPress that you can install and add social Share button to your blog.

There are a lot of Social share plugins available in the market. But many of them are not good at Coding and if you use these plugins, they affect your blog Performance badly. But today in this tutorial we will tell you about some of the best social share plugins that you can use in your WordPress blog. And using these plugins will not make any bad impact on your blog.

So let’s start…

How to Add Social Media Share Buttons on WordPress 2021?

1.Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a good plugin for installing social share buttons in WordPress blogs. It is a lightweight plugin that does not have a bad impact on WordPress blog performance. Using this plugin, you can add social share buttons to the blog’s homepage, archive page and post.

Using this plugin, you can add top social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Mix to your blog.

Key Features

Share counts
Responsive design
Placement option
Popular posts widget
Analytics and link shortening
Floating Share Buttons

Let’s now tell you how to install the social warfare plugin in the blog –

First login to your WordPress blog

Now click on plugin > add new plugin in left side dasboard.

Now search by typing Social Warfare in the search box.

Now this plugin will start browsing and showing up at the top.
Now you click on the install button.

After the plugin is installed, activate the plugin by clicking on the activate option.

Now, once activated, click on the Social Warfare option in your WordPress dashboard and then you’ll go to the plugin’s settings page.

Now whatever you want to add the share button, drag it from Inactive to active box and click save changes.

  1. Jetpack

Jetpack is a very Popular WordPress plugin created by an Automattic developer. Using this plugin, you can add social buttons like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, whatsapp to your blog posts. This plugin provides 4 different styles for social share buttons.

If you want to use Jetpack social share buttons, you must first sign up to this plugin. But if you already use this plugin, then let’s tell you how to add social buttons to WordPress blog using this plugin.

First login to the WordPress dashboard.

Now click on the Jetpack option in the left sidebar.

Now click on the setting option then you will go to the settings page of the plugin.

Now click on the sharing option in the top bar of the plugin settings page above.

Now turn the Add sharing buttons to your posts button option on.

Now you have to click on Settings > Sharing.

Now in the Sharing buttons section, Drag the Social button from the available Services to the Enabled Services box.

After adding social buttons, you can change the style, position and Sharing label of social share buttons.

After completing the settings, you can see what Live preview looks like on your site.

  1. Social Sharing Buttons – Social Pug

Using Social Pug, you can add beautiful social share buttons to WordPress blogs. You can customize it according to your website design. Using this plugin, you can add top five social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn for free.

Key Features

Share Count
Popular posts widget
Floating Sidebar Social Share Buttons
Retina Ready
Mobile Sticky Footer Social Share Buttons
Google Analytics UTM tracking
Link Shortening

First, login to WordPress and activate the social Pug plugin by installing it.

Once the plugin is activated, enter the WordPress dashboard and click on the Social Pug option. After that it will take you to the settings page of the plugin.

After that you have to select the style you want like Floating Sidebar or Inline Content

After selecting the style, click Settings.

Then click on Select Networks above to select the social button that you want to add to your blog.

After that, you can change the shape, position, Number of columns, Share text and many more. After completing the Settings, click the Save Changes button.

  1. AddToAny Share Buttons

This is a great all in one plugin for putting social buttons in a WordPress blog. This plugin provides you with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Reddit and more than 100 sharing buttons.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Share counts
  • Responsive and Retina ready
  • AMP support
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Custom placement and appearance

To use this plugin in a WordPress blog, first login to WordPress.

Then activate the AddToAny Share Buttons by installing them.

After the plugin is activated click Settings > AddToAny. After that go to the settings page of the plugin.

You can also use its default settings if you want. These settings work Perfect for any site. But if you want to customize, see the screenshot below.


Today you learned How to Add Social Media Share Buttons on WordPress? hopefully this information has been helpful for you. You must tell me by commenting how you like this information. Also related to blogging if you have any questions, you can comment and ask! Thanks…

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