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How to Create Linkedin Profile for Business?

How to Create Linkedin Profile for Business? : Hello Friends in today’s Article, we are going to tell you how you can create a Business Page on LinkedIn.

Business Page on LinkedIn

Hello, as you all know that in order to Grow Business, Website/Blog or YouTube Channel, we should use all Useful Social Media Sites so that you can create Followers on that Social Media Site and Promote your Business. So that we Reach as many people as possible and our Business can Grow Easily.

In this context, today we will learn how to create a Business Page on LinkedIn, because LinkedIn is a very Popular Social Media Site and today only 500 Million Users are using LinkedIn in India. In this case, if you are a Blogger or YouTuber, you should definitely create your LinkedIn Business Page.

Because on Linkdin you can Share Text, Images, Videos and Links and by using Hashtag you can reach as many people as possible. So they get Information about your Content and they Follow your Page. Along with this, LinkedIn also always suggests Active Pages, so you get Followers.

Along with this, there are many other ways you can Grow your Business Page on LinkedIn very easily and in a very short time.

How to Create LinkedIn Business Page 2021

Create a Business Page on LinkedIn is very easy you just have to Follow some Basic Steps-

Step 1. Login into your LinkedIn Account

First you have to Login to your LinkedIn Account, if you don’t have a LinkedIn Account then first Create.

Step 2. Create a Company Page

Now you have to Click on the option of the Work given Right Hand side, so that a List will be Open in front of you, the Last Option in this List you get Of The Create a Company Page, you have to Click on it.

Step 3. Select Small Business Option

Now a page like the Image above will open in front of you where you are given a few Options, you can choose any of these options, but if you are a Blogger or YouTuber then you should choose Small Business Option.

Because if you’re a Blogger or YouTuber, there are only 10 to 20 people working with you, so this Option is the best for you.

Step 4. Fill your Information

Now a new Page will open in front of you, where you have to Fill the details of your Page, such as – Page identity, Company details and Profile Details etc.

Page Identity

Here you just have to Fill 3 Details-

Name-write down what name you want your Business Page to have.
LinkedIn Public URL-you can create a URL for your Page, which you can then share with people.
Website-here you Enter the Address of your Website or Blog.
Company Details

Here you have to Select things Related to your Blog like-

Industry-here you have to Select your Niche to which Topic your Blog or Webiste is Related.
Company Size – here you have to tell how many people work in your Company.
Company Type-what type is your Company like Public Company, Government Company or Self-employed?
Profile Detail

Here you have to Fill things Related to your Business Profile like-

Logo – here you can Upload the Logo of your Blog or Website to make your Business Page look different and identify your Website.
Note: Your Logo should be 300 Weight and 300 Height (Pixel).

Tagline-here you can write a Meta Description to help people get Basic Information about your Business Page as well as let them know why they should Follow your Business page.
Note: here you can write only a Description of up to 120 Words.

Tick on Check Box – now you have to Tick on Check Box and Click on the Create Page button.
Addition Details on Linkedin Business Page
So that your LinkedIn Business Page will be ready, then there are some Additional things you can do, which make your Business Page a little Advanced like-

Description, Location, First Post and Hashtag, etc., let’s also understand about them by 1-1.

Description – here you can write a description for your Business Page again or Copy-Paste the Description you wrote earlier here.
Location – here you can give the Location of your Business, e.g. you can write about where you Operate from in India.
First Post-you can Publish something Related to your Website or Blog and see how things work here, but if you use LinkedIn already then all Options are the same.
Hashtags-here you can apply 3 Hashtags to increase the Reach of your Page, so that if a User on LinkedIn searches for that Hashtag or Keyword, the Page can Suggest it.
Now at the end you can apply a Cover Image, so that your Business Page starts to look absolutely Professional, which should also seem, so you definitely apply Cover Photo.

Note: the size of the Cover Photo should be 1128px Weight and 191px Height.

Thus you can create your LinkedIn Business Page very easily, you can also check our LinkedIn Page to get the Idea – TechbyRS LinkedIn Page.

Advantages of Business Page on LinkedIn

Now let’s talk about what are the benefits of the Business Page on LinkedIn-

Be Professional-if you run a Website/Blog or YouTube Channel, you must have a page on all Important Social Media Sites so that you can easily Promote your Business.
Easy to Share – Business Page can be shared with other people very easily, for which you can put a Button on your Website, Normal Link or give it in a description on YouTube.

The most important thing about Analytics – Business Page is that you get to know the Response, like how many people your Post is reaching, how many Followers are new. This allows you to create a Strategy to Grow your Business Page and then Grow your Page.

From Helpful for Users – Business Page your User gets all Updates Related to your Website/Blog or YouTube in one place. Also if you want to do some Announcement then you can do it very easily.
Using the Easiest way to Communicate – Business Page, your Users can Communicate with you very easily. So they neither need to send you a Request nor Find Original Account, just Click on your given URL and they can direct Communicate to you.


By creating a Business Page on LinkedIn, you can Promote your Website/Blog or YouTube Channel with LinkedIn Users very easily and Generate Traffic. Also, if you want to do Digital Marketing, you must have a LinkedIn Business Page. So if you haven’t created your LinkedIn Page yet, make it today.



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