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How to do Keyword Research for Blog Keyword Research Google Keyword Planner 2021?

Research Google Keyword Planner 2021? Is your Blog Not Getting Traffic at all, you have written around 100 posts on your Blog yet but still you can’t get Traffic, so today I tell you a lot about why you are not getting Traffic on people.

You may have heard from many people that you publish your blog posts every day and traffic will come to your blog. Then even if traffic isn’t coming to your blog, you’re making a mistake that I also made in my early days.

And it was that I thought I would write blog posts every day, then there would be traffic to my blog but nothing happened to me.

When I wrote the post, I would only write the post that I thought people could search about it or it would be with the problem and the logo, then I would create a post and publish that information on my blog.

Then after some time, when I looked at my Google Search Console, I found some keywords there, and I found out that there is something called Keyword Research. After that when I started doing keyword research before writing a post on my blog

So I started to see very good results on my blog and that’s how my blog posts started to rank on good keywords. So you probably know how important it is to do keyword research if we want to drive traffic to our blog. So let me give you all the information related to keyword research today.

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  • How to do Keyword Research?
  • Keyword research tool-paid & free both
  • How to Add Target Keywords in Blog Post?

So let’s go and Learn About Keywords Researching

What is a Keyword ?

Before doing keyword research, we need to know what keywords mean. I will try to explain in a very easy language what a keyword is. A keyword is what we search for in any search engine,

Such as” Make Money Online “or” how to make money online”, the Keyword can be in any language. Similarly, you might be searching on Google, let’s say you need information about something

So when you use your Browser or Google.Com the word or Sentence is called Keyword. So whenever we write your Blog posts

So the post is written by targeting these Keywords so that our post can rank on that Keyword. There will be a lot of you who don’t do Keyword Research before writing your post and

People who do Keyword Research should also read these posts because in it I have also told you a lot of things that will help you find a good Keyword.

How important it is to do Keyword Research for Blog, you can guess by looking at these screenshots.

This Screenshot above is from when I didn’t know about Keywords Research at all.

And right after that when he used to post Keywords Research on his blog. After that, you can see for yourself how much traffic has increased on my blog.

Tools used to perform Keyword Research

So this is for people who don’t know ho

w to do Keyword Research ? So let me tell you from the beginni
ng how you should do Keyword Research. We need to do Keyword Research

With the help of some Tools, we can know how much Search Volume of that Keyword is, how much Keyword Difficulty is, how much Traffic is coming from which Country on that Keyword.

Some of the information we get is through these Tools. Now it comes Paid and also free I will tell you about both the Tools then according to that you can see which ones you should use.

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • Ubersugesst
  • WMS Everywhere (Chrome Extension)

So about all these Tools I will tell you how to do Keyword Research using these Tools. So let’s know how Keyword Research goes.

Here I will explain about all these Tools and also how we do Manual Keyword Research.

People who have started Blogging have a few Keywords from me if you work on them then traffic will definitely come to your blog because I have created a list of Keywords with very Low Competition and High Search Volume in this File. For which you will get this List for Rs 99/- only.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a Paid Tool. If you ask any Blogger that you Suggesst a tool to do Keyword Research, they will tell you about this Tool.

The best part of this Tool is that when you use it for the first time, you will not have any problems using it.

Because its Design is kept very Simple that you can use it easily. Using it, we can know the Search Volume of any Keyword and along with this we can know all these things like Keyword Difficulty, CPC, Click.

Search Volume means how many people are searching for that Keyword. This tool is used by most people because in it, along with Keyword Research, we can Analyze someone else’s website to see which Keyword his website is ranking on.

And where he has made Backlinks for his post or domain. If you want to do any Low Competition Keyword Search, it can make your job easier because it has a very nice feature to Filter the Keyword which makes our job easier.

2. Semrush

Semrush is also a Paid Tool. We can also take it Free Trial but we can’t use it more than we have Limits. If you are a Beginner, you can also take the free Trial.

But I would like to tell you that after you Purchase it, you will be very easy to Find any Keyword. Whatever you get Limits on the Free Trail will not be seen here.

Just like Ahrefs, we will also get to see a lot of features like if we want to Analyze someone else’s website and if we want to do Keyword Research.

Now let’s talk about the special features that you don’t see in any other Tools. That is, we get an Seo Writing Assistant that guides us how to write Content.

For that, we just have to write our Targeted Keywords and then start writing posts in it, it will also tell you that if you write articles of so many Words, your post will start to rank.

So as you write the post, it will tell you where you made a mistake.

So this way you can create a Quality Content. We also have to find Related Keyword in each of our posts in addition to a Foucus Keyword so that our post ranks on more than one keyword. For that we can use its Keyword Magic Tool.

3. UberSuggest

If you are looking for tools to do Keyword Research that is also Free then this tool will be good for you but it does not work as well as it can do with Paid Tool but you also think that it gives you free Keyword Research.

But here we can’t do Keyword Research as well as we can in Ahrefs and Semrush, but here we can’t get a lot of things as well that we can do a good Keyword ReSearch.

But still with the help of this Tool we can check the Search Volume of any Keyword

But you don’t have to believe the CPC of that Keyword because it sometimes shows incorrect data. After knowing the search Volume of the Keyword, we can find it by doing manual Search to find out if the Keyword can be ranked on that Keyword.

4. WMS Everywhere (Chrome Extension)

It works very differently from the rest of the Tools, and it’s a Chrome Extension that we can use in our Chrome Browser as well as the tool is free.

If you don’t have enough money to buy an expensive tool, then the Chrome Extension will be very good for you. If you have used Keywords Everywhere before, it works just like that.

If you have been searching for an Alternative to Keywords Everywhere for a long time, it will be good for you. But with the help of this Tool only we can know the search Volume and Related Keywords of the Keyword.

For that, the first thing to do is download it and after that Activate this Extension then we just have to Search for the Keyword on Google also we have to know the Search Volume.

At the bottom of the Search Box, its Search Volume will be written and at the same time Realated Keywords will also come in the Sidebar with the help of which you can prepare your nice little Article.

I hope you guys today learn about keywords research if so let’s me know in comments box.



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