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How to Get do Follow Backlink from Facebook (Create Backlink) ?

Backlink has a huge credit to get our blog ranked in SEO. If we want to bring our blog to Google good ranking, we need dofollow backlinks. We’re going to explain in this post How to get dofollow backlink from Facebook. Many people may also think that if you share a post link in facebook, we don’t get a dofollow backlink from it, but that’s not true even 1%. The truth is that by sharing links in facebook, we get nofollow backlink which is not beneficial for SEO either.

None of you will be a person who doesn’t know about facebook. That’s why we come to the topic by not doing wasteful time waste.

If you have a blog, then when you write a post in it, you must share it in social media to promote it. Many people share their post in social media and if I do my thing, I myself also share their post in social media. This also brings a little traffic to our blog by social media. Many people share their posts on facebook, twitter, google Plus for this to get a dofollow backlink.

If you share your post in facebook for the same reason, you’re probably wrong. Because all the external links that are shared in facebook, the nofollow tag is added to all the links. So it gets a nofollow backlink from facebook and there is no value for nofollow backlink in SEO. No social media, not just facebook, will give you a dofollow backlink.

By all this, I didn’t mean that you should not share your post on facebook, twitter or other social sites. Rather, I suggest you share your post in social media so that your friends know. You may know that social media can generate high traffic, but for this you need to create your value.

Today in this post I am going to tell you how to get dofollow backlink from facebook. This will allow your blog to get high quality backlink from facebook. If you know a little about SEO, you know that when Google gives a site a rank, it looks at 200+ factors and gives it a rank accordingly. Out of all these 200+ ranking factors, quality backlink is a huge important factor. That’s why we are very important to create dofollow backlink for our blog.

How to Create Backlink From Facebook?

The question must have come to many people’s minds, Why should we get dofollow backlink from facebook? So I would like to tell all of them that facebook is currently considered as No 1 social media site. The alexa rank of this site is only 2 which clearly shows its popularity and the site has about 76,57,108 and it has not just million users but billions users. We’re telling you how popular facebook is in the image below.

How to get High Quality (PR9) Backlink From Facebook?

Now we’re going to tell you how to recover high quality domain from facebook. If you have a site, you can get backlink from facebook by following these simple steps described below.

Facebook Facebook page: you must have a Facebook Account and a Facebook page to follow the Steps below. If you don’t have it, first create.

Step 1: First you visit Facebook and log in.

Step 2: Now visit the Static HTML app site. This is the online tool that will add a new option to your fb page. It will ask you to login to your Facebook Account.

Step 3: Now login to Facebook After Continue as .. Click on the button.

Step 4: Now there will be a new page open here there will be a statement and you just have to Click on the OK button in the right side.

Step 5: Now a new page will open.

Select your Facebook page by clicking here.
Now click on Edit tabs on this page.

Step 6: It is here to click on The Edit tab button again.

Step 7: Now the editor will open in this page.

Here you add this code. “Sitelink” add a link to your site instead of Sitelink here.
Now Click on the Save & Publish button.

Now your site will get backlink from facebook and this will also increase your site’s ranking. For any questions related to this post please comment and share the post in social media.



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