How to Learn Data Entry [ Course ] & Get Certificate 2021 Fully Explained?

How to Learn Data Entry Course: Hello, in today’s Article, we are going to tell you how to learn data entry course for free as well as how to get a certificate.

How to Learn Data Entry [ Course ]

Hello, many times we all think that why not make some money by doing part time data entry work, so when we talk about data entry work in the internet or any other private company, first of all we are asked for a certificate. So today we are going to tell you how to take online data entry course at home for free and also how to get a certificate.

Usually if you find out for a data entry course in an institute i.e. offline, they will tell you a course of Rs. 500 to 600 per month but do you know that under Skill India, you can take a data entry course online from your mobile or laptop, etc., absolutely free and also get a certificate.

Now because this course is conducted by the Government of India, the Certificate obtained by it is more original and reliable than any other Certificate. So let us know how to do the data entry course at home and how to get sartifikte.

How to Learn Data Entry

To do a data entry course, you have to Create your Account on eSkillIndia’s Official Website, after which you can do any Free Course available there such as data entry course, here you get a lot of free courses and a lot of Paid courses.

Let us tell you that all the courses available here are created and uploaded by a large company that works in the field of Education.

Talking about the data entry course, on eSkillIndia website you get this course for only 20 hours, i.e. you can get the certificate by doing the course for only 20 hours and then can easily do the data entry work online or offline.

Let’s talk about how we can create our own account on the eSkillIndia website-

How to Create Account on eSkillIndia Website
it is very easy to Create Account on eSkillIndia Website, you just have to Follow some Basic Steps-

Step 1. Sign Up

The first thing you have to do is go to eSkillIndia’s Official Website, where you get 2 options for Sign In and Sign up at the top. Because you have to Create your Account, you click on the Sign up button.

You get 2 Options of User and Knowledge Partner as soon as you Click on Sign Up button, because you want to Create Account from learning’s Porpose here so you will click on user’s Option.

You will then get two options for new User and NSDC, since you are creating your account the first time you have to click on the New User button.

Step 2. Enter Your Basic Details

Now you have to Fill your Basic Information like name, mobile number, email ID etc., as you can see in the Screen Shot above.

Note: you have to Verify both your Mobile Number and Email Id.

After the Form is completed, you click on the button of I Accept Terms & Condition, after which a New Pop-up Window will come to your Screen here you click on the Accept & Submit button.

Thus you can easily create your Account on eSkillIndia’s Website.

How to Take Data Entry Course for Free?

Now the question comes How do we take a data entry course from eSkillIndia Website for free ? First of all, Login your Account, for which this time you click on the Sign In button and Login your account with your Mobile number or Email ID.

After which your Account will be logged, now you have to search by typing Data Entry in the given Search Bar, after which you will get 2 options of Domestic Data Entry Course, 1. Hindi and 2. English

Click on the language you want to do this course in both Hindi or English.

For Example – suppose we have to do this course in Hindi Language then we will Click on Option with Hindi.

Now let’s talk about this Course – this Course belongs to IT-ITES Sector, whose Language you can take Hindi or English, Fee of this Course is nothing i.e. Free. You can also check the Screen Shot above for more information.

This Course is only 20 Hours which you can Continue or complete at any time, after completing the Course you have to give the Exam, for which you click on the button of Deo_ / Assessment.

How to Get Free Certificate

When you successfully Qualify the Exam you can Download your Certificate. At the time of taking the Certificate, you will also need to provide your other Information, such as ID, etc.


In this Page we were explaining how to do data entry course for free, and hopefully this information will help you a lot and you will be able to easily create your Account and do data entry course, we tell you that on eSkillIndia Website you get a lot of Free Courses, and along with all of them you get Certificate.

So if you have a little Extra time Daily then you Complete these courses and get Certificate in free.

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