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How to use Video Call in WhatsApp 2021?

WhatsApp has also made Video Calling Feature available to its Users after Voice Calling Feature. Now you can talk to your friends, relatives, siblings on WhatsApp on Video Call. WhatsApp has provided Video Calling Feature for Users for free. You don’t have to pay a dime to make a Video Calls.

How to Activate WhatsApp Video Calling Feature? How to make video Call from WhatsApp? How to use WhatsApp Video Calling Feature? These questions will be running in your mind now? So in no time will you find the answers to these questions.

Because in this Tutorial we will tell you how to make video Call from WhatsApp. And give you complete information about WhatsApp Video Calling Feature.

How to Use Video call on WhatsApp 2021?

By activating the Video Calling Feature in WhatsApp, you will be able to make WhatsApp video Call in free. Below is how to do video Calling from WhatsApp. If you read and use it Step-by-step, you’ll Be Making Video Calling with a friend on WhatsApp in no time.

  1. To Activate the video Calling Calling Feature in WhatsApp, First you have to Update the old WhatsApp from your Smartphone. And the new version of WhatsApp has to be installed. You can Update WhatsApp from Google Play. Or you can also Download it from WhatsApp Official Website.
  1. After updating WhatsApp, open WhatsApp and Tap on any Contact. After tapping on Contact, you’ll have a screen like this.
  2. From here you have to tap on the phone icon above. After tapping on the phone icon, you’ll have a screen like this. In which there will be two options.
  1. Now you have two options – 1. Voice call 2. Video call, from here, you have to tap on the option below. Your Video Call will start as soon as you Tap on Video call.


In this Tutorial, we told you how to make video Calls from WhatsApp. How is WhatsApp’s Video Calling Feature used? We hope this Tutorial has been useful to you and you’ve got to learn something new. And if you have any problems using the video Calling Feature from WhatsApp, you can tell us via Comment.



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