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SBI Bank KYC Form – How to Fill State Bank of India KYC (Know Your Customer) Form?

Today i gonna tell you how the KYC (Know Your Customer) form of the State Bank of Inda is filled out? Many people still don’t know How to fill the KYC form. If you have an account with any bank, you will know that kyc has been mandated in all banks.

If you do not enter kyc in your bank account, your account will be closed. So today i will teach you How to fill KYC Form.

The Kyc (Know Your Customer) form you get at your bank branch. All you have to do is go to your bank branch and ask for kyc form from any bank staff. Once the form is received, the form has to be filled well and deposited in the bank.

How to Fill KYC ( Know Your Customer) Form of State Bank of India.

Before filling the KYC form, all the instructions should be read once. Nevertheless, we tell you that SBI KYC form has to be filled in capital letter in English. And to fill this form, you have to use a black pen.

The State Bank of India KYC form is divided into three parts.

  1. Identify details
  2. Address details
  3. Other details

Let us now teach you how to fill KYC form step by step.

Let us now teach you how to fill KYC form step by step.

Tick the new option below the Applications form (for individual only).

1. Identify details

First place a passport size photo of yourself in place of the right side photograph.

In Name of applicant, you write the name of the Bank holder in capital letter.

In Father name you write your father’s name.

Tick male, female in Gender. If you are a male, then on male and if you are a girl or a female, then on female.

Tick single or married in marital status.

In Date of birth you fill your date of birth.

Please tick on you indian in Nationality.

In the Status you tick residents individual.

Instead of PAN you fill your PAN card number.

In place of Unique identification number / aadhar you write your Aadhaar card number.

Tick off any document you have attached with the kyc form instead of Proof of identity submitted. Like on Aadhaar card, on PAN card

2. Address details

In Address for correspondence, you fill in your address.

In City/town/ village you fill your city name.

In State you fill in the name of your state.

You fill India in the Country.

In the Pin code you fill the pin code of your area.

In Contact detail, you fill in your mobile number instead of mobile. And email replace your email id

In Proof of address, you tick any document that you own and attach a photo of it with a copy form.

In Permanent address you can fill your address again like City Name, state, pin code, country

3. Other details

In Gross annual income detail, tick your annual income.

With your income filled Tariq in Net Worth

Tick everything you do in Occupation type. Otherwise tick the other option.

In Please tik if applicable you do not have to tick anything

You don’t have to fill in any other information.


Put your signature in the box of signature of applicants. Also write the place and date in the box of place and date.

After filling the form, you have to go to your bank branch and attach a photo copy of PAN CARD, AADHAR CARD along with the form and submit it.

Conclusion– How is the KYC form filled out as we have learned in this article today? We hope this article has been very helpful for you. If you like this article “How to Fill KYC Form of SBI Bank” then share it further.



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